Saturday, April 7, 2012

Taxing the Gene Pool!

There are those in our country, and quite frankly in office today, who strongly believe in income equality as a social goal and have the willingness to use the arm of the state to promote it. Now understand this is a concept more in tune with a socialist or communist point of view, rather than the capitalistic freedom our country was founded upon. In fact it begs the question, what is the justification for the state intervention to promote income equality? Some would twist the words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and quote the general welfare clause, and the "pursuit of happiness" statement. That's the same people who seek the above intervention, but their argument doesn't pass the smell test.

You see those individuals believe anyone who succeeds has been blessed by the state, and given the environment to succeed, thereby owning their success to the state. One might note there is no mention of God's hand in these events, an interesting parallel. They also see the bequeathing of success to the next generation as akin to winning the lottery, so they should be entitled to a portion of the proceeds to fund their state run redistribution efforts. After all if you didn't live in this great nation, our forefathers couldn't have amassed this wealth to pass down to you.

So how to they tax the gene pool? Suppose your parents bequeathed you an exceptional talent? For instance a beautiful singing voice, or exceptional good looks. You benefited from those who sired you, and will live an enhanced life because of a gift passed down. How does the stateists propose to redistribute those qualities? Don't they feel that you were blessed and received more than someone else interfering with their pursuit of happiness? After all if they hadn't provided the environment for your parents to reproduce, you couldn't have benefited from their meshing of genes.

Life is a lottery, some are born into wealth and, or exceptional talents, and some are not. God controls and provides the environment for us to excel, not the state. We owe our gratitude to our maker, not a group of elitists trying to make a level playing field so they can compete. We don't lower the bar, we celebrate exceptionalism because God doesn't make any junk. Each of us is blessed in our own special way and the only homage we need to pay is to our Creator.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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