Monday, November 19, 2012

Why I Can't Be Liberal!

There are two main reasons why I could never be a liberal. First I'm lazy, it takes way to much effort to defend a mantra that simply isn't true, and second I have this crazy need to be right. To be conservative is by definition to conserve, like in energy. You have to work way too hard to be liberal.

Think about it. The hypocrisy of defending abortion, then screaming for justice by charging for a double murder when a pregnant woman is killed. Isn't it just easier to defend the unborn from the get go? Liberals claim to want to help the poor, but you can usually find there are very small, if any contributions to charity on their part. They complain about big business, and then about unemployment. They want redistribution of wealth, until it's their wealth they redistribute. Point out the lack of morals of an elected or appointed official after having a liberal President who used the Oval Office for his own illicit sex acts. Making objects like guns, money, or food responsible for an individual's lack of responsibility. The list is exhaustive, and frankly I've already put too much effort into this.

Just defend the truth, apply Biblical principles, and stop spinning propaganda around falsehoods. It's not complicated, and way easier to remember. The truth has no agenda, it simply is. Besides I'm embarrassed for you when conservatives have to go back and correct your misconceptions. It just looks bad when your hypocrisy, or lack of thinking things through to a logical conclusion is pointed out.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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