Friday, November 23, 2012

Media War Exposed!

Well now the turkey is all packed away and our waistlines have exceeded our current belt hole, it's time for a little amusement. Knowing that the liberal position is shaky at best, MSNBC has decided that to help even the scales by indoctrinating their lemmings as to how to defend their position during the presumed holiday political discussions. I kid you not, they supplied talking points for Thanksgiving dinner.

This way when all those college students came home for their Thanksgiving dose of reality, they could defend their mindless devotion to the liberal point of view. Television doesn't want informed people undoing all their hard work propagandizing their mesmerized audience. Now why would a news outlet be concerned about what the family discusses during the holiday feast?

This is just more evidence of the media war against common sense. It's pretty apparent that television has decided it's their job to spoon feed us our opinions. It's always been my position to hear, and process what another has to say, then garner my opinion and well thought out response.You don't have to do that anymore! They've supplied with not only your opinion but the defense of that opinion, so you don't have to think. Just accept what they've told you as factual, and you never have to be bothered with thinking again. Just think, no more research of the facts! Wait, I just asked you to think, my bad.

Here's the part I really found hilarious. The responses supplied will be destroyed by any informed individual. The media assumes the discussion will be carried on between two parties that are equally uninformed! I love the comparison of voter fraud to UFO sightings. The use of Hurricane Sandy and climate change to redirect the conversation away from the election was another classic Alinsky move. But then you are fact checking, hungry students and wise to all the tricks of the indoctrinators, a flick of your tongue and the misinformed will have to tune in for more ways to respond.

"Wait, hold that thought, I have to call media matters for my rebuttal."

Someday I pray those people will learn to discern for themselves, and we can have a real discussion grounded in fact. It is a great example of what we are facing in the media war. They are not a neutral party, and we must guard what kind of input we and the ones we love are subject to. Now I'm clear on where all this nonsense comes from!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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