Monday, November 12, 2012


I heard Orrin Woodward say the other night, "If you don't limit the government's ability to tax, you'll never have a limited government." Is this spot on with what the founders had in mind when they created this great nation or what? The other point this brings to mind is how taxation is used.

The statement implies the government grows it's power through taking our dollars and using them to both grow the bureaucracy, and as a form of punishment for success under the progressive tax code. What better way to transfer power than to limit the wealth of those who might challenge you through taxation?

There was billions of dollars spent in this most recent election cycle by both sides in an effort to get their candidate elected. What if the candidate who wasn't in power didn't have the financial means to compete? What if the government, "leveled the playing field," and redistributed the wealth so only the government had the resources to control the message?

A monster was created when the 16th Amendment was adopted, and it's beginning to mature. Calls to tax the producers in this country is a direct effort to move resources from the people to the control of the government. "Houston, we have a problem," and the consequences are being downplayed as insignificant.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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