Saturday, November 10, 2012

Planting Seeds!

I was pondering the cultural differences of our nation during the Agrarian Age and the shift to the Industrial Age. When the people of our nation were experiencing the need to farm to survive, it cultivated (pun intended) a different work ethic. If you didn't produce, you didn't survive. There were no sick days or personal days, and no one could dare vacation. You couldn't just show up to work and punch in as present, you had to produce your best effort, because anything less might mean your survival. Life demanded 110% of your effort.

The Industrial Age produced the employee mind set. Most employees aren't inspired to produce their maximum, in fact it's become acceptable to do just what's needed to stay employed. Can you imagine a farmer who just chopped enough wood to get by? Or planted just enough crops to squeak through the winter? The bare minimum could cost you your life!

The Agrarian work ethic was the first form of commission pay. You survived when you became effective! There were no forty hour work weeks, weekends off, and accumulated sick days, and your benefit package was life itself. Isn't it interesting how society has evolved? Everything in that age was designed around working to stay alive. If you failed, you were accountable. There was no FEMA, or government to clean up after problems. Personal responsibility.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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