Friday, November 9, 2012

Lessons Learned!

Look at all of the red. Guess its the city people in blue who love all this free stuff.


This is the map of how America voted in the recent Presidential Election. The red signifying those who voted for Mitt Romney and the blue, Barack Obama. There are a multitude of lessons here for us to learn, but I think the most important is that this election was won by focusing on the areas where they got the best return. The same thing applies in life. If we are distracted by areas we focus on that don't return big results, our effort is ineffective. Case in point. If you expand your knowledge on the latest reality TV show, your not going to have a major effect on your life's outcome. The same time dedicated with laser focus by reading a book on an area of self improvement will lead to a greater significance returned to you. As a democrat they could advertise like mad in Oklahoma, but the return wouldn't be as significant as those same efforts applied in Miami. One town verses a whole state.

While this map is bound to make some angry, it is a eye opener. Life and elections have much in common. The results you seek come from effort applied in the areas that yield the best return. Democrats focused on border areas, university towns, major population centers, and state capitals. We need to focus on our thoughts, because our thoughts become our actions, and our actions become our results. It's merely a matter of focus!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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