Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just The Facts!

How's the conservative hangover coming? I know I find it difficult to recover from the idea that principles and values will be placed on the back burner for at least four more years. I was reminded of a quote by FDR that states, "Presidents are selected, not elected," and I can't help but think that selection process has already begun for the next term, at least on the democrat side. After carefully studying the outcome, I've come to believe that very little happens by coincidence, and this is a calculated plan that began yesterday and comes to fruition election day 2016. Those who espouse conservative values are not that organized.

The conservative movement is jumbled up with rino republicans who's main objective is to not ruffle feathers, stay in office, and retain their paycheck. (Perhaps you've encountered these types of individuals on your job). They go with what's popular and not what's principled as their chief objective is to get reelected.

Then we have the libertarian movement. These are about as opposed to the rino as one can become. They don't care about the outcome, just that their objective is front and center. They will either push the republican party to their way of thinking or offer and unelectable alternative to prove their point.

Last is the tea party individual. Undoubtedly principled, based upon the writings of the Constitution and the formula our forefathers bequeathed us. Not as disruptive to the process as the libertarian, as they will vote an electable rino in over a democrat if there is no other viable choice.

These are the three factions pulling in different directions on the conservative movement. While this lack of organization exists, the liberals have unified and work to move the sheep to slaughter. They stop the infighting and focus on swaying the useful idiots toward the ballot box, with promises of perks and largesse. The only way to disrupt the taking advantage of the uninformed and "give me something" crowd is to unify and educate. But conservatives are too busy having a peeing contest over who's candidate is more electable, or principled. Until conservatives find a candidate who satisfies all three factions, get used to democrat control.

It's striking how this President mirrors Franklin Delano Roosevelt our 32nd President. People have even begun to suggest that there might be an attempt to alter the term limit laws that were invoked after FDR outstayed his welcome in office. Just something to keep an eye on since no other laws are sacred to this administration.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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