Saturday, November 3, 2012

Are We Soft?

I heard a story about a man the other day who went to his accountant and received some startling news. "Bob, you just became an individual who has met the qualifications of living in poverty." Bob was distressed! As he left the office after paying the bill, he called his wife on his cell phone to break the news. Dejected he climbed into his car and drove to his three bedroom two bath house to ponder the news. Mindlessly he turned on his sixty inch flat screen TV in search of better economic times, and went to his full stocked kitchen for a snack to munch on.

This is the poverty line in America as defined by the government.

I was a little shocked at the helplessness exhibited in the northeast in the aftermath of Sandy. People screaming into TV microphones about how they are "dying down here," When did we lose the ability to survive? How did our ancestors muddle through without gas, electricity, or ATMs? What did victims of disasters do prior to Jimmy Carter inventing FEMA? I mean America survived over 200 years with hurricanes, floods, tornados, and fires, without federal assistance. We took responsibility for our neighbors, and most importantly we were prepared. There was a back up food supply. We have a pile of firewood to keep warm and cook.

Now don't get me wrong, there is quite an outpouring of compassion and charity by people for the victims of the storm. But there are far too many victims that shouldn't be victims because they had no level of preparation, and rely solely on the comfort the government will step in and do for them. What if the disaster took out all government and it's services?

We need to be able to do for ourselves, and our neighbors. If you put your security in the hands of others, you'll be disappointed. Use this event to toughen up and analyze how prepared you are for disaster. Can you survive two weeks without any form of service? Question yourself boldly!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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