Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Sad Day In America!

Yesterday had to be the low point of American history, and I hope it goes down as such in the archives of this great nation. For the first time since the dawn of this great nation the President stood before the American people and declared the republic has morphed into a mob controlled democracy. He stated that he has a mandate by his reelection to tax the wealthy at a higher rate, thereby signifying if the majority says it's okay to take private property from another, this is right and just.

We first began to strip the individual of their rights when we disallowed the rights of the unborn. This silent minority had no way to speak and protest; they relied upon us as a moral nation to protect their right to life. Now the movement toward denying the rights of an individual to appease the collective has begun to step up the ladder and attack the minority of success. This is straight out of the teachings of Karl Marx. We are taking from the individual for the good of the many.

Now I have long complained about our progressive tax system. We are all born equal, and are guaranteed equal protection under the law. Tax code is law, what applies to one should apply to all. There are no special deals in the legal system in our country, especially when it applies to the protection of one's personal property. To take something from one person to give to another without their consent is theft, or communism.

The problem is we've traveled down the slippery slope. Where does it all end? When will the collective decide you have too much and they want their share? When will they decide it's be for the good of everyone for you to step up and do what they consider to be your fair share? Which is more than the collective has contributed to the same cause. We better wake up America!

Some may say that good and moral men would never do that. So my response is, have you read the news? Good and moral men seem to be falling by the wayside daily. They are becoming extinct in Washington, and what's left is running the country toward socialism. You cannot put your trust in those in government, ask the people affected by the devastation of Sandy how that works out. The power lies within the individual, and the rights belong to the individual. Protect the rights of the individual and the collective will be just fine.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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