Monday, May 21, 2012


I found posted on my Facebook account some propaganda distributed by an organization call the "Christian Left." Somehow they were trying to justify their political position by inserting the mantra WWJD, (What would Jesus do?). For instance they noted that Jesus forgave a woman caught in adultery, and suggested that we do exactly the same thing, with the air that because Jesus condoned it, it's acceptable. What they forgot is the part of the parable where Jesus says, "Go and sin no more."-John 8;1-11

The propaganda continues with how Jesus cared for the poor, implying that the left's theft of tax dollars to fund government programs is somehow related. Jesus never took from one individual to give to another, and he suggested we, of free will, do our own acts of charity. You see the left has arrived at the conclusion that reaching into your pocket to dole out money is an act of their charity. It's quite a perversion of the message, and quite frankly, the reason we need to know exactly what the message is. It only takes a lack of understanding, and a slight bending of the intended meaning of the facts, to distort the truth into a political weapon. One it was never intended to be.

A sneak attack on the church is inserted on the very last line of the first paragraph. "He prayed alone." The implication here is that faith is something to be kept in the closet and not publicly displayed. Pandering for votes from those who abhor freedom of religion?

I think you can see where this whole thing was intended to go. It's an attempt by the left to justify their actions by assaulting the truth with falsehoods, edified by a Ph.D signature. The propaganda is void of logic, and full of half truth, but then isn't that Satan's allies?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

PS If you'd like to read the original....!/photo.php?fbid=398907240131419&set=a.111187555570057.11714.109200595768753&type=1&theater

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