Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cogito Ergo Sum!

Those who've ever experience the beauty of sitting in a rowboat on a clear body of water, have the unique perspective of the bent oar. Let me describe what I'm referring to...

When an oar is place in the water it appears to the naked eye to be bent, when in reality it actually remains straight. It's a great analogy that represents how our senses can be deceived. That's why it's important that we boldly question that which we are led to be true.

Descartes said, " Maybe this world is controlled by the great deceiver, the great satanic, demonic being, who is a liar, who constantly gives me a false view of reality. Maybe he keeps bringing these illusions in front of me to deceive me. How can I know that reality is as I perceive it to be?"

This applies to so many venues in today's society! So what is the answer? Well the good news is doubt requires thought, so if your doubting you are thinking! The secret lies in logical conclusions arrived at through rational thought. This is exactly how Galileo combated the scientific and religious community and erased the wrong conclusion that the world was flat, at I might add, great personal risk.

Important in arriving at a rational conclusion is the process of verifying that your input doesn't contradict itself. One might look at governmental unemployment reports as an example here. For instance we are told unemployment has dropped, but yet there are fewer in the work force than in the last thirty years despite a larger population. Where did those job seekers go? Couple that direct contradiction with a drop in productivity and a poor economic report, you have cause to doubt. If we are going to be rational, we must also be logical. Climate change enthusiasts might also use this formula to reconsider their position. It works in so many areas of our daily life, because as Descartes eluded to; there are those who just might present us with a false view of reality for their own personal gain.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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