Friday, May 4, 2012

Spock Would Be Proud!

Yesterday I watched on the news a story in which a little town was being sued for having a veteran's memorial that involved a cross. An Atheist group took exception to a public display of Christianity and backed by the ACLU decided it was important enough to take to court. The cool part of this tragedy is that local lawyers came together and offered their services free of charge to defend the memorial's right to exist as it stands. It's the only way America can defend itself from the relentless bullying and religious persecution brought fourth by Atheist groups supported by the free legal services of the ACLU.

Now I totally understand that people take exception when you question their world view, but to deny another human the right to freely express themselves, or their religious belief is exactly the reason our forefathers fled England. In my mind it's a sign of ignorance fostered by a lack of education, and it's a growing problem. Anyone educated in classic literature and gifted with the ability to apply logic understands that deep thinkers like Aristotle argued that the existence of a supreme being was necessary simply because events require a cause. To date no one has found a way to explain away that cause in a concise and logical manner other than the presence of God.

An exhaustive knowledge of God is beyond us. Us being of a finite nature, it's impossible to grasp the concept of the infinite. To deny what one cannot understand is a display of ignorance. And certainly our society today is guilty of ignorant behavior. Just turn on any news channel. Logic has escaped our thought process, and logic supplies the necessary tool to examine the relationship between premise and conclusion. Our education system was denied us the right to explore logic and understand the principles. This has led to the abandonment of God in our schools and logically a decline in morality at our learning institutions. In progression that immoral behavior being condoned at school has found it's way into society, and then we illogically complain about the results. This my friends is the logical description of a self inflicted wound.

Now the final question is....Are the actions of the ACLU and the Atheist groups beneficial to society? Apply logic..........

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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