Saturday, May 5, 2012

Common Sense?

"We must live as if there is a God, for if He does not exist, then we could make no judgements about right and wrong, good or evil. In order for civilization to be possible, there must be God. If there is no way to differentiate between moral and immoral acts, then society will not endure; it will ultimately degenerate into anarchy." R.C. Sproul

What an outstanding display of logic! It makes me wonder why our government and school system avoids this common sense ideal. Perhaps their ultimate goal is anarchy? It's kind of crazy that we have rejected the principles of morality based on Judeo-Christian philosophy inside our education system, then in the next breath ponder the reasoning behind the irrational behavior that occurs inside those institutions. Could it be the lack of a moral compass? Is this why schools now have to have metal detectors and a police presence to simply provide our children with an education safely?

The degeneration of society is a self inflicted wound. It has been masterminded to corrupt the principles of the next generation until immoral behavior is the norm. Have we ever sat down and asked ourselves; who's agenda this process serves? It certainly isn't our Creator!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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