Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Does This Make Sense?

A few days ago an announcement was made in the news that minority births had, for the first time, exceeded those of the majority white population. The report was just kind of filed in the ole memory banks as it really didn't sink in at the time. I vaguely remember a prediction when we were growing up that at some point the entire earth would become a race of darker skinned people, because of interracial breeding, so actually the report had little impact at the time. Then I was walking the dog this morning at 0 dark thirty, and I came upon a family of young raccoons, and for whatever reason it hit me......

Had this report been made about a species other than ourselves, say the yellow bellied whatchamacallit, it would have struck terror in every naturalist heart. First a breeding pair would have been captured to preserve the specie. Then habitats would become protected and restricted areas. Industries would have been shut down for fear they might lead to the extinction of this endangered specie. Pita, the EPA, The Natural Wildlife Federation, The Sierra Club, and who knows what other organizations would have been called into action to help preserve this innocent creature from extinction. Why aren't we as concerned about a specie of the human race?

The news today is filled with how the Catholic church and other institutions are suing the Obama administration because they don't feel comfortable providing birth control and abortion procedures as mandated by the new health care edict. A great deal of the population turns their noses up at this legal action, yet will support the preservation of habitat for an endangered member of the rest of the animal kingdom. Where is the logic in that? It's been said that to preserve a race every woman has to reproduce 2.1 offspring just to maintain the population. Which makes sense as the 2 replaces her and her breeding partner, and the .1 is an allowance for those who don't reproduce or death prior to reaching breeding age. But here we are locked in a battle called the "war on women" involving contraception and abortion rights, when a race of humans are reportedly in a decline. Let's add the social acceptance of a same sex relationship how that affects the decline in population. It all just seems to be a misdirection of concern. Shouldn't we preserve the human specie with as much vigor as we assign the rest of the animal kingdom?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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