Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eradicate The Loser Mindset!

The thought process of a loser is a delicate balance of victim and complainer. A great example is when you hear another protest about success; success that isn't theirs. They, that committee who has something to say about everything, are quick to point out that success was the result of taking advantage of others. This immediately moves them to the victim side of the fence, applying a handy excuse for their nonperformance! "They" are above using other people to rise from mediocrity.

What "they" miss is that a rising tide lifts all ships. If an athlete has an outstanding performance, it's not at the expense of his teammates. The victory is a shared event they all participate in! If a business or individual makes obscene profits, it's not because the business held a gun to the consumer's head, it's due to their ability to provide a good or service that the public was willing to pay for, and the market allowed that pricing. Both are examples of a win/win principle, yet a loser will define this exceptionalism as abuse.

Just why is that? Well in the world of the selfish that victory belonged to them. So it's mandatory to find an excuse to rationalize a lack of success. Rather than celebrate the victory, they nitpick the performance. It's how a loser maintains their sanity. After all sitting on the couch watching TV and munching potato chips should be considered success. It's easier to complain than to perform. That's exactly why only a limited number of people or businesses rise to the top. And thank God they do! What would others do if they had nothing to aspire to? Suppose there were no role models like the loser proposes? Talk about a dull life, even the loser would have nothing to occupy their time like complaining about others.

When someone you meet goes into victim mode, do them a favor and fix that! Let's stop this infection of envy and lack of achievement. Give it a dose of encouragement and point those whiners on the path to success. Let's make the abundance shift to the side of the performers, and diminish the loser population. That's what originally made this country great!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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