Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Community Discussion Groups!

have to tout our newest endeavor The Mental Fitness Challenge Discussion Group. Last night we all assembled and watched the video, then shared our thoughts as suggested in the discussion guide. What a great example of the power of association! Everyone invited had such great input and you could just feel the group stretching it's capabilities as we studied the character topic. A great time was had by all, and frankly, I won't be surprised to see the group grow and prosper!

Another great aspect brought about by the gathering of that small community is the bonding and forming of relationships. I'm certain we all feel just a bit closer to each other after sharing our personal feelings, trials, and tribulations. It was magical to see how the evening progressed, and I can hardly wait to see how many friends they all invite back in two weeks. The power of a community, when applied in a like minded manner, with proper goals and principled thinking is a staggering force! I can see this becoming very, very popular in a extremely short period of time.

Finally, what took so long? We've had historical examples of how small groups of like minded people have altered the course of events right in front of us all along. It took the genius of Orrin Woodward and the rest of the founders of LIFE to ignite a flame that has been dormant way too long. The recent examples of how this works could be called the tale of two extremes. The Tea Party movement was exactly the same type of community gathering, joining like minded people with principled thinking and like minded goals. They were the success story side of this type of movement. The Occupy Wall Street crowd is another example, basically a failed model. There is no principled thinking, nor do they have their goals aligned, or even defined. It's community with chaos! They've gone from uniting a community to just an angry, sloppy run mob. The difference in thinking defines the difference, and the results. But then most of the movement is based on thinking that falls outside what one might call success principles. So there you have examples and results from polar opposites of community building. I think they speak well enough for themselves!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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