Monday, May 7, 2012

Anarchy And You!

It's becoming apparent to me that our country is under attack by a managed confusion, designed to keep the public on it's heels while others slowly take advantage of the situation. We are moving closer to a designed anarchy brought on by frustration of the status quo. For example...

In this created confusion we are told that we have to maintain a secular pose. This means we have to hide or remove anything attack groups deem as offensive because it represents a religious inference. So basically morality is under siege as if man had no God to supply the moral compass, under that premise the last thing there would be is peace. So the only thing that maintains justice, through a moral code, is slowly being eroded by an outcry for social justice from those who claim to be offended by a moral code. Confused yet? It's by design!

If there was no God, then there would be no ultimate ground for doing what is right. All things would be permissible, because all choices would reduce to a battle over preferences. Every person would do what is right in their mind, which would create conflict and warfare between classes, races, and individuals. (If any of this sounds like the policies of the current administration it's purely a coincidence). Sarcasm aside, the law of the land would be reduced to, "might makes right," and all people would be reduced to nameless, faceless stepping stones for the one with the largest sum. (George Soros perhaps?).

So I ask you, is it prudent to remove God from schools, the public square, our courtrooms, or the Pledge of Allegiance? Does this serve the nation, or Satan himself? We cannot be a ethical society and apply justice, social or otherwise, without a moral code supplied by someone greater than man himself. Sin, unbridled, carries with it a hatred for absolute moral values. No culture can survive a void in it's ethical structure, it would cease to exist. (See history for examples). No man can escape the moral law of a righteous God, as an Atheist or Agnostic murderer soon finds out. It's time to make a stand, our very way of life depends upon our response!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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