Thursday, May 24, 2012

On The Shady Side!

Okay so my mind was wandering this morning as the dog and I took our predawn stroll. For some reason the plight of the paper industry crossed my mind. This absolutely has to be in decline! We no longer write letters; they are replace by electronic communication, and back in the day that had to kill some trees! A great deal of our billing is paid by electronic means, so there are no paper bills or checks being written. Newspapers and magazines are all but extinct, again replaced by other sources of media. And books are being digitally downloaded, so they are paperless as well. The only thing that currently threatens the extinction of trees, and keeps the paper companies in business, are the massive printed bills in Congress like The Affordable Healthcare Act. I can't help but wonder how many forests were devastated to manufacture copies of that behemoth!

This has to have an affect on the deforestation of the world and the prosperity of the paper mills that used to provide for all our paper needs. Heck even paper towels are downsized and more absorbent. Frankly the only irreplaceable product the paper companies make anymore is toilet paper! Your never going to replace that with a digital model! At least not without some major technological breakthrough. I can't see them downsizing that product either, so the paper industry does have one mainstay left.

Now all these extra trees are bound to have an affect on the environment. There will be more shade and greater habitat for animals. The conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen should increase ergo the climate change people will have less to fret about. Now if they could just find a way to downsize the hot air emitted by politicians........

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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