Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Our Responsibility!

I sit here disgusted and at the same time inspired to turn up the heat on what needs to be done to save our nation. How does an adult, strike that. How does a fellow human being not step in and take action to defend a poor defenseless child from an adult rapist? What excuse can one use to justify that? How do you stand idly by and allow that sickness to continue then clear your conscience by reporting it to your superiors? Where does this depravity happen? No it wasn't some crack house, or favela in a foreign country. It happened at an institution of higher learning where our impressionable minds go to be inspired to think. And how does the youth who attend this college respond when responsible parties are dismissed? The selfish, misguided, son of a bucks, riot in a tantrum, because the coach of their football team was relieved for allowing this to happen. This is where our culture currently resides, and without some moral leadership, it's all downhill from here.

Someone explain to me what level of "tolerance" is being taught at the college level. Is this how our culture is "embracing diversity?" How does the dismissal of a morally negligent individual justify a tantrum by the student body in his favor? Where is the outrage for the innocent child victim? Why is it overlooked for the sake of a football legacy? Where are our priorities?

Those of us who have our hands on the cure to this plague owe our fellow citizens a debt. As a member of the LIFE/TEAM movement we have to get the correct information into this culture as rapidly as we can. If LIFE hasn't yet found you, contact a member and get involved. I'm sitting here listening to the media in the background trying to elevate the dismissed coach who did as little as possible to stop this abhorable behavior as a role model. Not in my country! Not on my watch!

It's time Americans grew a spine, and LIFE is the supplement that'll promote that healing. I can't think of a more grievous example designed to motivate a leadership cause. America has been defiled, and this assault happened where Americans go to become exceptional. This incident screams, "Houston, we have a problem," and it's time to go into action mode. No longer can we remain complacent while our nation circles the bowl. It's time to introduce our population to true exceptionalism through the understanding and the improvement of the 8 F's.


God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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