Friday, November 4, 2011

World View And Priorities!

In today's blog I'm trying something new. Instead of my normal typing the blog, I tried out some new software allows me to speak what I think and see if it comes out as well as when I type it. Anyways today's thought involves principles and worldview. Every morning I take Bear for his walk and we peruse the neighborhood in search of just the right place for him to relieve himself. During our little outing at five days a week I encounter Grandpa loading up his grandchild into the car to take him to daycare. Today I couldn't help but wonder if that was what Grandpa experienced in his mornings, dressed and sent off to be under someone else's care. I'm thinking Grandpa stayed home with his Mom and like any youthful sponge and enjoyed the company and the guidance of his mother.

How did society get to this point? If I asked that family what the most important things were in their life I believe it would go something like this. Hopefully God holds the top spot, with family directly underneath it, then possibly friends, then their job. This is what I refer to as a list of priorities. And while they say this is the most important order of things, it's not what they're living. Employment seems to take up most of their day and turn the youngest family member is sent off to be raised by strangers. The worldview has shifted.

During the agrarian age family was held above work. The children are home to raised by Mom until they're old enough to be out of fields with Dad. It was a family effort to survive. Enter the industrial age, initially Dad went to work and Mom stayed home and continued to raise the children. Then the tempation of a two family income kicked in, and family took a backseat. Our worldview had changed and consequently so have our priorities. Very few families have the luxury of Moms staying at home to raise the children, and the results are becoming apparent in society.

It's important for us to reflect on our priorities every now and then. It's also important to be sure we understand what our worldview is. Our worldview is the lens from which we filter everything that goes on around us. This helps us determine our priorities. Since one defines the other it's important we understand both of them. Do we really want our children raised by strangers, or do we feel more comfortable with Mom handling that job? Let's not allow economics to determine who nurtures and molds our children.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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