Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Special Privilege?

Today will be a first. You going to see in print something I never thought I'd ever say. I will stand in public and say, "it's time to level the playing field." While the word of a liberal just flowed from my finger tips, be confident they didn't carry the same meaning. I'm referring to the ability of those representative in Congress who use inside information to make stock trades to line their pockets with cash. The same insider information that if used by John Q Public would land them in jail. That "special privilege" has got to stop.

Here's another first! Congratulations 60 Minutes for an outstanding job of non-bias investigative reporting. I really thought that skill was lost on partisan politics. Call me stunned!

I've always wondered what drove individuals to remain in the legislature well past the age of retirement. I mean, what drives someone to forfeit quality time with family after working so hard all those years? Silly me imagined it was devotion to service and love of country; but still in this economy that is so in need of jobs, why hold a spot that could be occupied by one who needs employment? It wasn't patriotism, it was financial greed and the need for power. We've allowed those in power to create an aristocracy! We are ruled by the elite, not governed by citizens!

Some will claim that those boons of wealth are simply coincidence. Really? Defend Environment and Public Works Chairwoman Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) and her husband's only stock transaction in a year's time when they magically decided to invest one million dollars in a "green" company that shortly thereafter received billions of dollars of federal loan money from the Department of Energy. Please note she heads the "Environment" and Public works committee. This type of insider trade isn't limited to just liberal democrats, although that is a grievous example of abuse, our whole Congress is infected with this disease and they passed the legislation to keep it legal for them and not for the public. If one of us, the citizens, had acted on information like this we'd be in jail. Ask Martha Stewart!

It's time for legislators and their aides to be subject to the same rules and benefits every American citizen abides by. Who are they to enjoy special privilege? This won't change till we demand action. We have to change the culture in America and in Washington. God knows we have our work cut out for us!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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