Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The more time I spend in the living rooms of America, the more I understand the problem. We've become so adept at making excuses for a lack of results it's almost mind boggling. There are citizens in this country that accepts the status quo as if there isn't anyway they can do anything but sit back and accept what life sends their way. It's truly a test of my emotional maturity to sit back and listen to excuses, but then that's why Orrin Woodward made just this point the other day.

"When people in our business stop asking me questions about what is answered in our top five books, I know they are ready to move forward and become a top leader."

Here's another little ditty that drives me.

"It's what angers or disappoints a person about the world that leads to his purposeful assignment to change it."-Orrin Woodward

Watch out all you thumb suckers, I'm on a mission. I vow to get the thinking right in this nation if I have to address each and everyone of it's 330 million excuse makers one at a time! I promise I will resist the urge to slap some sense into you when you tell me you can't afford to pay attention, while your real attention is focused on the $150.00 a month, cable fed boob tube, filling your mind with crap. I will resist the urge to hold your head underwater until your blue after you tell me your finances are a wreck, yet both of the adults in the family unit drive around in overpriced lease cars to impress, who? I will apply the principles found in the top five books in our system, and help you overcome your excuses for mediocrity. I will resist the urge to pull out a violin and play while you relay the sob story you've allowed your life to become. Did I mention I'll practice the principles taught in the top five books? I will no longer accept excuses and will provide the answer! I pity the next fool who tires to hand me some lame excuse for their lack of success, I mean...Bless your heart, I have what you've been searching for!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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