Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reflect On What You Enjoy!

Tis the day before we all assemble and count our blessings. What a great time to reflect on exactly what we are going to be thankful for! Why limit yourself to just one day? I'm certain the good Lord loves to hear daily what we appreciate about our existence.

It's terribly easy to reflect on all the negative. How simple it is to fall into the victim mode and wallow in self pity. Just yesterday I was wondering how anyone might complain about our standard of living when we could have been born elsewhere, like Afghanistan or Zimbabwe. We live in the most prosperous land in the world and enjoy an abundance of opportunity. We have clean running water and sewage disposal unlike the favela, (shanty towns in Brazil), but somehow those conveniences escape our thanks. How much of your busy day would be consumed in toting water for daily use if that faucet and the accompanying drain wasn't an option?

We are taught to read and write, comprehend math, speak proper English, and understand history. Each and everyone of us are given this as a birth rite, but in other lands that's not a given. A select few squander this opportunity, and have the audacity to complain when their results don't match their dreams. I'm wondering how many children in Uganda would value what is taken for granted in this great nation?

We are lucky enough to live in a free society, where you can foster an idea and bring it to fruition and if the public deems it worthy, prosper from it. How lucky are we to not have been born into a nation where the tyranny stifles such innovation. We enjoy freedoms like no other nation. Are we thankful enough for the blessings bestowed upon us? There are citizens through out the world that'd jump at the opportunity we sometimes take for granted, and often don't guard closely enough. Tomorrow is the day to rectify that, it just doesn't seem like quite enough.

Let's start everyday counting our blessings. There can't possibly be a downside to being grateful! Reflect on what you enjoy, and why you enjoy it! Then here's the key.....Help others see where they are also blessed. Pay Thanksgiving forward, everyday!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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