Thursday, November 10, 2011

Driven By World View!

Orrin Woodward has often told me that to change our country and solve the problems, we have to change the culture. The "give me" attitude has to be replaced with one of independence and self reliance. To address that, the individual thought process must be changed. It's like the old saying, to change the world I have to change the country; to change the country, I have to change the state; to change the state, I have to change the community; and to change the community I have to change myself.

The process of change has to begin with an understanding of your priorities. One has to have a grasp on what exactly matters the most in their life, and why. If you value money perhaps over all else, this is your starting point. That perception is driven by your world view, and that my friends is how change is addressed. Your world view is the lens that filters the information you process. If you view money as security and money is the top of your priority list, all decisions will be processed in your mind with money as the driving factor. This is why it's so important to understand your priorities and your world view.

Let's suppose your world view was filtered with the understanding that God is your Creator and all things are done for His glory. Would that filter help your mind process things differently? Could it be imagined that serving others and guiding your actions to heed the Ten Commandments would take precedent? Wouldn't the world be a more understanding environment if the teachings of God's word in the Bible were everyone's first consideration? Love you neighbor as yourself; now there is a concept that could drive utopia!

Take the time to list your priorities and then reflect on what drives those values. Help others to understand where their world view originates from and how it affects their decision making process. If we use the concept of each one reach one after first understanding ourselves, we can have an affect. First we change ourselves, then we change our community, then we change our state, after that the country, and soon the world!

Time to live LIFE!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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