Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who Is John Galt?

"You have reached the blind alley of the treason you committed when you agreed you had no right to exist."

This statement is part of a paragraph taken from the book "Atlas Shrugged," What John Galt is eluding to , is when you conform to the collective, you've essentially lost your individuality, hence your right to exist. He's actually foretelling a socialist society, with cradle to grave entitlements, after we've ceded the right to be an individual. The result is devastating. The paragraph continues.......

"Once you believed it was 'only a compromise': you conceded it was evil to live for yourself, but moral to live for the sake of your children."

How many times have we been sold by Washington, that government need to compromise to work? There is never a need to compromise your beliefs, values, or your principles, as we have been led to believe. This is a tool of the left, used to impose their will over time. They creep and nudge us away from what we see as right and good. As shown in the rest of the quote.....

"Then you conceded that it was selfish to live for your children, but moral to for your community."

This is the creep of compromise I was referring to above. After attempts to make you feel guilty or selfish because the good of the many, exceeds the will of the individual or the family, they ask for compromise!

"Then you concede that it was selfish to live for the community, but moral to live for your country."

Once again your shamed into aspiring to live for the greater good. The pressure to put aside your individual rights for an even larger cause mounts.

"Now, you are letting this greatest of countries be devoured by any scum from any corner of the earth, while you concede that it is selfish to live for your country, and it is your moral duty to live for the globe. A man who has no right to life, has no right to values and will not keep them." -John Galt...Atlas Shrugged

Isn't this the cry of those who seek a global community? What is next, living for the good of the universe? It seems there is always a greater good than the individual, in the eyes of the liberal. We are in the early stages of living the quote, "the needs of the many, out weight the needs of the few." Freedom begins at the smallest point, the individual. When we overlook the rights of the single unit, they are trampled by the needs of the many. The fact is, if you truly see to the needs of the individual, the needs of the collective are met.

I encourage you to see the movie "Atlas Shrugged." It's fantastic entertainment, wrapped in a warning to protect the freedom of the individual. While this quote is from the book and not the movie, as the movie is just the first part of many sequels to come, you'll find a plethora of eye opening examples of how we're drifting from the freedoms granted to us by our forefathers that allow this capitalistic society to prosper.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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