Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wanted: Dead Not Alive!

The American public has a short term memory disorder. I can only assume that the rigors of daily life, complicated by the advent of technology that keeps us available for distraction 24/7, occupies the available memory we used to use.

The President and his administration have been shouting the praises of our special forces, seal team six, after their life threatening raid in Pakistan, to eliminate the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. While almost everyone in the nation is rightfully applauding their efforts, and without a doubt they deserve our praise and admiration for keeping us free. This has not been the attitude of this administration in the past.

I'll bet if you think about it, you'll recall that less than two years ago, this same administration called three members of seal team six on the carpet, and actually tried to prosecute them for charges they had punched a terrorist suspect in the nose during a takedown. Some how that was considered brutality, and this administration took steps that threatened the careers of these same hero's, not to mention a possible jail sentence. How do we go from court marshalling for a pop in the nose, to hero status for two bullets to the head? Both targets offered a life threatening scenario, and I assume they'd not come quietly under the circumstances. If I were a member of the special forces, I'd have to think twice about bringing a suspect back alive. Dead men can't claim brutality and allow the liberals an open shot at those who protect our freedom.

In any case, it's an interesting change in attitude by those currently running our country. Actually, it's nice to see them join our side for once. Maybe they'll find comfort over here on the right, where we allow the armed forces to do their job and keep us safe!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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