Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adversity Creates Perseverance!

As a parent, it necessary at times to allow our children taste the pain of adversity. It's critical they learn how to deal with problems outside of our influence. Any parent finds this a struggle, but knows the introduction to the suffering through adversity requires the child use perseverance to overcome. That perseverance builds the child's character, giving you a mature, well rounded individual, ready to face the world, and deal responsibly when times get tough . The opposite is a spoiled brat, expecting everything to be handed to them, and throwing a tantrum when it's not. Those children feel they "deserve," rather than earn the fruits of life.

With that in mind, what kind of parents have we been to our country? Have we not raised several generations that expect, or rather "deserve," entitlements? Where are the mature responsible citizens, ready to roll up their sleeves and persevere through adversity? Have we not allowed generations to suckle at the teat of entitlements, to the point where they are no longer self reliant, and throw a tantrum when they don't get their way? When we refer to a "nanny state," I think most nanny's would be embarrassed at the finished product! It's not a pretty sight, rather a flock of immature, needy, ne'er-do-wells, expecting the government to step in whenever their standard of living declines. Where is the perseverance? Where is the character? Where is the personal responsibility?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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