Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Keep Moving People!

"They" say, "revenge is a dish best served cold." While the news of the death of bin Laden was an outstanding payback for the United States, and goes a long way to extract revenge upon the terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers, assaulted the Pentagon, and the resulting deaths of our civilian heroes who crashed the flight 93 in a field in Pennsylvania, We will shortly realize it's like putting ointment on the elbow of a badly sunburned body. There is a tinge of relief, but the pain of reality will soon overcome the elation.

It's a wonderful thing that our special forces expedited the introduction of bin Laden to Allah, he deserved to meet his maker and collect his virgins. However, the elation we feel is going to fade, oh, so quickly. I predict the next time you visit the gas pump, or the register at the grocery store, the harsh reality that there is so much more work to do, will trump thoughts of bin Laden. We need to stow this victory in the trophy case and move forward, as this side show is distracting us from addressing current problems. There is no time to dwell on how quickly bin Laden was buried, or if George Bush's policies led to this outcome, this chapter is over.

So, outstanding job Mr. President on accomplishing a decade old goal. President Bush deserves recognition for his enacting the methods that eventually led to this outcome, say what you will, this time the ends justified the means. (That was a jab, Saul Alinski fans). Our special forces, although they humbly do their job,asking for no credit, have performed virtually flawlessly, reinforcing our faith, and showing the world they are like no other. Side bar, isn't it odd, the people who actually did the work, aren't on the center stage collecting credit? As a nation, we can huff and puff all we wish, but without those elite fighters to back it up, we are just a bag of wind. I hope someday I can find the word of praise those brave young men and women deserve for their service to their country.

Now with that said, back to $4.39 a gallon gasoline.......

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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