Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Global Has To Be Earned!

There is very little that torques me up like an announcement, or a mandate from an individual, or an organization that they are going to start or pursue a global _______ (fill in the blank). Now mind you, I'm not against something powerful enough to have worldwide implications, that's a lofty goal, and a worthy one, but the word global has come to indicate socialism, for the collective good. My internal alert systems spring into action whenever one announces that as their intentions. With few exceptions, anything "global" worthy doesn't become so by announcing it, it has to earn worldwide recognition.

Here is a few simple cases in point, that I'm personally familiar with....

Orrin Woodward and TEAM leadership development, started out by pursuing the individual. Offering a service that the average "Joe" could find useful in their daily lives. It's blossomed into a worldwide..."global" business. Affecting and building leaders, teaching them the principles of L.I.F.E., (living intentionally for excellence). It has grown to that proportion, not because it announced or intended to, but because it offered value that knew no limits.

The second example is very similar, Mona Vie. Started out with no designs on being international, but the quality of it's products, the integrity of the corporation, and it's pay plan is something people globally seek the value of. So it has grown exponentially.

The last example is what your reading, my blog. Begun as a means to vent, I had no intention of anyone, much less people from other nations subscribing to my musings. The unintended, unannounced consequences of that effort has led to worldwide readership, proving that if you simply seek to add value to another, the goods or services your offering will grow without boundaries. There is no need to profess "global" intentions, they present themselves to the worthy.

Beware of the one who announces a "global" intent. They often seek to impose on the collective, rather than offer humanity freedom to choose their best option. If what they have to offer adds value to another's life, it'll earn global recognition all by itself. Whenever it's announced to be for the "good of the world," it's often exposed to be for the good of the announcer. Value is apparent, scams, not so much!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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