Thursday, May 5, 2011

Terrorism And Property Rights!

Osama bin Laden understood that the basis of freedom lies upon the principle of property rights. The technique the terrorist used was to take advantage of the principles of a free society and use them to strike us where we are most vulnerable. While the killing of infidels was a secondary pleasure to this sick mind, his main target was buildings; symbols of freedom and a capitalistic society. The twin towers were a symbol of our economic center, and the pentagon was a symbol of our military might. He sought to destroy them to show the world the "Great Satan", was not invincible, and he showed the world that man has no rights of any kind without the ability to exercise the safety of proecting property rights.

It's kind of ironic that he understood what the principles of our freedom well enough to attack it where it's soft underbelly is. I can't help but wonder if citizens of this country maintain the same knowledge?

Without the ability to keep and own property without fear of losing it, our other freedoms are lost. We would have to spend the bulk of our time protecting our possessions. If the anarchy bin Laden sought to impose existed, we couldn't leave our homes unattended, as someone might just move in and claim it for their own. We would be consumed protecting our possessions! It would be impossible to leave home to exercise our freedom of speech, freedom to pursue happiness, enjoy life and liberty. It all hinges upon the right to own property, that's the heartbeat of a free society!

Not only do our citizens lack the understanding of these principles, some of them don't even know who bin Laden was. The #1 search on Google was, "who was bin Laden?" 66% of those who sought that info were teenagers, which begs the question; what are they learning in school? I'll bite my tongue here and not continue on a rant about tax dollars spent to educate, and the quality of the finished product, as some of us have to be at work today. But honestly, isn't that what this whole post is about?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill


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