Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who Told You That?

Last night I was reminded about where I got my financial wisdom. I can remember as a youth that everyone I knew envisioned people of wealth as "lucky." They were born into a family who had wealth, or had won the lottery, maybe they were lucky enough to settle a lawsuit, or better yet they had been left a big inheritance. This was the mind set of my friends and family. Not once was it brought up that those "lucky" individuals had achieved their success through hard work. That wasn't a consideration, and do you know why? Because everyone I knew was already working hard, and wealth hadn't found them!

You see I had been born into an environment where no one understood success, or wealth, principles.They had been sold the bill of goods that if you got good grades, then went to work for a big corporation, you'd be set for life. No one told them that same corporation that "took care of them for life," would define their lifestyle for that very same life. They ceded their financial freedom for a "secure" job! Does anyone know of an individual that enjoys the definition of wealth that was earned from working from a corporation? While it maybe possible to earn a handsome salary from a corporation, you'll never enjoy the time needed to appreciate all the benefits of wealth.

Does anyone else smell a rat? Who do you think started the false rumor that staying in school, getting good grades, and going to work for a corporation was the American dream? Care to wager it was those same corporations?

America was founded on the entrepreneurial spirit. There were no corporations when the pilgrims landed. They didn't exist when the Constitution was written. They are a invention of the industrial age. A creation that prospered in the twentieth century, and stole the American dream of prosperity by offering a safe, secure job with benefits. We traded security for freedom, financial freedom. And in the words of Ben Franklin....

" Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither!"

How those words ring true today!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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