Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's Time To Fix The Roof!

Once upon a time there was this great building. The owners of this structure were very proud of it's majestic line the way it improved the atmosphere of the neighborhood. But troubled times fell upon the keepers of this grand centerpiece of the neighborhood, and it fell into a state of disrepair. Just when it seemed nothing could get worse a huge storm befell the building and the roof was seriously damaged. The inhabitants knew this was trouble, but continued their day to day activities choosing to work around the hazards mindful that someday they would like this pillar of the city to be restored.

Then one day there came un unsolicited knock on the door. It was a young man with great ambition and a plan to restore the building to a bigger and better example of prosperity in the neighborhood. This fellow was a roofer, and filled the owners with grand ideas of hope and change. The owners were excited as was the rest of the neighborhood, and they turned out in grand numbers to watch the process. The roofer sensed their excitement and played the crowd as he secured the owners a credit voucher to fix the damaged roof, and pulled the permit. The owners were quite enamored with the process and the city even went so far as to award the roofer accolades for neighborhood improvement, and a key to the city. It was a grand spectacle, despite the roofers critics who quickly pointed out the roofer hadn't ever actually installed a roof before.

Well, time dragged on and little was accomplished to repair the damaged roof. The lawn was trimmed and some of the garbage around the property was picked up, but nary a shingle was laid. The roofer claimed great roadblocks and insisted upon yet more credit be secured so he might finish the job. The leaky structure continued to fall into disrepair, and more rooms were damaged by the water coming in despite the roofer's claim that the property looked much better with the lawn trimmed and the garbage picked up. The inhabitants were growing restless, as none of the promises made were fulfilled, and even more damage was done to the grand structure. The place hardly resembled the example of greatness that once stood on the lot. More depression set in,

Our roofer has now gone into defense mode. He's telling the owners that had he not come along the structure would have fallen completely down and those leaks aren't as bad as they were when he first solicited the job. The permit is about to expire and he wants the owners to pull a new one, so he can fulfill his original promise. He also needs yet more of the owners money to complete the job as the roof had way more leaks than he anticipated. In fact he wants to increase his weekly draw as the owners aren't doing their fair share to sustain the project.

Understandably the owners are a bit skeptical, as nothing has been accomplished to fix the original problem of a leaky roof, the permit has expired, and more money is needed to complete a job that has not even been focused upon by the roofer. In fact the roofer spends more time playing golf than he does addressing the structure's problems. The roofer now claims that the foundation that has supported the structure is improperly designed, contrary to the evidence it has supported this grand building since it's inception. The owners are dismayed at the incompetence of the roofer, and the barrage of excuses for a job not even started yet. The structure is worse off than when the roofer appeared with his exuberant ideas of hope and change.

Now would you hire this roofer? Would you allow this individual to continue to restore your prize possession? I'd like to see some shingles, plywood, peel and stick, and nails myself. You see this model doesn't work in real life, and it sure doesn't work in Washington. The man is an unaccomplished deception artist, who preys on fools. It's time for the ruse to stop! Our nation has an unmatched foundation that will weather any storm as long as it's not compromised. We certainly need a new roof, one that's of the original design, and economically installed. We need doers not talkers. We need a new contractor!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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