Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Battle For Your Mind!

The battle for our minds is being waged on a day to day basis. Unfortunately the victims of this campaign have become casualties without any clue of defeat. Well meaning, good, and honest people have been conned into believing they are well informed, when in fact they are being indoctrinated by false or misleading information. News sources spoon feed what appears to be credible reporting to it's unsuspecting victims, and it is being wrongly consumed as valid fact. The truth is they are merely regurgitating material that lacks valid research. Case in point. CNN Money reported that there are "tons" of jobs in the trucking industry merely awaiting applicants, inferring that these 200,000 job opportunities are a partial solution to the unemployment dilemma. On the surface this looks credible to the uninformed linear thinking reader.


These are not new jobs, they are simply replacing drivers that have exited a high turn over industry. Some have failed drug tests, some have blemished their driving records to the point they are uninsurable, some find the high demands of the job too much for family life, and others just make any number of bad decisions that lead to unemployment. The industry is not expanding and hiring "new" workers. For every "new" hire there is another on the unemployment line. The companies they cite seeking drivers are not expanding, they aren't purchasing new rigs for new markets, they are simply filling previously held vacant spots. This does not affect unemployment, it merely shuffles the employed with the seeking.

An unsuspecting reader would rightly wonder why these jobs are going unfilled in these times of troubled employment. Truth be told these jobs exist in good and bad times, it's a revolving door. But then if you accepted this writer's input as fact, you could arrive at an opinion not grounded in reality, because the evidence isn't properly submitted.This is why we must question boldly all the information at our fingertips. Seek more than one source, and validate what your being led to believe. This is how we win the war of flawed conclusions!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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