Saturday, September 15, 2012

Don't Be Played!

The saga in the Middle East goes on, and we at home are challenged to weed through the hype and political banter and blame assigning. It's important that when we are confronted with these types of incidents, that we only allow ourselves to react to what we know to be true. The media and others, like to play on the public emotions by suggesting things that are either false, or partially true. This creates not only an emotional reaction, but a rumor mill that actually gives the misinformation credibility. When we allow others to play on our emotions like this, we become just exactly like those in the Middle East who were ginned up enough to act irrationally. So, in light of that, it's important to only repeat and react to what we know is true...

1) An act of violence occurred, there was a loss of life, American life.

2) It happened on a day when our country remembers the tragedy of 9/11.

Beyond this we don't really know what is true. It's hard to weed through the rest of the information. Was it the result of some video that disparaged Mohammed? We don't know that. Until the individuals who murdered our people are caught and held accountable for their actions, it's simply speculation. Don't be played by suggestive speculation! This is how people are used to overreact. As horrible as this act of violence is, we don't know all the facts yet. And since we don't have a complete picture, it would be irrational to form an opinion, other than this was a senseless act of violence.

So don't give the media nor the political influences the power to control your reaction. Now is merely the time to pray for the families of those we lost, and do our due diligence in a search for the facts. We need credible information prior to forming an opinion, not wild rumors and speculation!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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