Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Whole Truth!

Have you ever wondered why there are members of our society who work feverishly to make the Bible irrelevant? One of the first issues that sticks out is that the Bible says for us to honor our contracts and pay our bills on time. Wouldn't that be a novel idea in Washington? It kind of speaks volumes to where the idea of separation of church and state arose from!

If a vow is not faithfully honored then how can that person ever be trusted? How can one ever believe another who does not keep their promised word? Keeping promises speaks to the character of the individual. Integrity, honor, self respect, and honesty means everything to mankind and the Lord. Anyone who diverts from the whole truth is a misleader. An individual's word is all one truly has. Why would anyone compromise their only true possession?

Power is an evil master. We have daily examples of how men and women sell their souls to achieve a position of power. Some to the point of criminal activity! Who's agenda do those individual's serve? Are they looking our for you, or is their other concerns on their minds? If a person is willing to compromise the truth to gain a position of power, what else would they compromise to keep it?

The truth has no agenda, it simply is. Demand our leaders in Washington, the church, cities, and states protect the truth. We also bear a responsibility to demand the truth, because what we are willing to accept, will never change!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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