Friday, September 14, 2012

The Power Of Ignorance!

Does the unrest in the Middle East bother anyone else, or is it just me? I'm not sure what exactly aggravates me, is it that the whole show seems to be by design, or just the lack of emotional maturity still prevalent in one of the oldest societies known to man?

That region has been in constant turmoil since the dawn of man. Muhammad died in 639 AD. America wasn't even a glimmer in Columbus' eye, in fact Columbus, nor his parents weren't even a glimmer in anyone's eye back then. Yet they still found reasons to cause civil unrest. I'm all but certain Americans, or any cheesy You Tube video had little or nothing to do with this demonstration of violence. It simply stems from ignorance and a lack of emotional maturity.

The region is fraught with ignorance. We don't need to fight a war on terror, we simply need to teach these people a set of values, including the value of a human life. Until then we can expect them to treat each other, and us, with total disregard. Someone can easily stir the pot by simply playing on their emotions. Since they have no value system to filter behavior, they act irrationally. Why isn't that issue addressed? Because it serves a purpose. A political purpose!

Those that lead the people of this region find it easier to deal with ignorance. The only way an ignorant man can respond to something that they disagree with is violence. So you simply impose tyranny on the ignorant and back it up with a strong army. No need for debate, no need for intelligent discourse, just rule by the point of a gun so you control the emotionally immature. It's an advanced form of babysitting. No one can intellectually challenge their rule, because they don't have the means. The only threat a regime faces to their tyranny is violence. Therefore any faction in power only needs to maintain a large force than it's opposition. They will never have to face the consequences of a decision and defend it with reason. They simply impose their will by force.

The population being left ignorant has no defense against this tyranny but to act out. They throw a tantrum. A huge violent tantrum might get attention, or it could be crushed by those in power as we've seen so many times. How does this play out in the recent violence?

Those who wanted to make a statement during our remembrance of the 9/11 terrorist attacks have been all but neutered. The only way they could remind us that they still can threaten us is to call into the attention the crude video that was not complimentary to Muhammad. They then ginned up the ignorant, and pointed their ire toward the only symbol of Americanism available, the Consulate. Law enforcement stepped aside and allowed ignorance to shine. Now they've perpetuated an attack on the United States and reminded us that their terrorist agenda is far but over. The only way to win this war is to educate the ignorant. Until then they will continue to be convinced it's spiritual to strap a bomb on the back of one of God's magnificent creations and harm others. Until then others will be able to rile the ignorant into a huge tantrum that ends in a loss of life. Until then we better get use to this because it's how terrorism thrives.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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