Monday, September 10, 2012

Thinking Forward!

I've noticed that a great deal of our youth has been caught up in the progressive movement. This is a dangerous combination of an acute lack of information, a complete misleading of the impressionable, and a passion to rebel. I'm afraid those in the progressive movement haven't really thought through their positions, and taken a look forward into the future.

Let's suppose that down the road these progressive promoters are blessed with a child. That child happens to be a beautiful baby girl, who grows up to be not only a beautiful young woman, but their parents pride and joy. The always nerve racking day arrives when this apple of their eye begins the dating process. How progressive are these future parents going to be when a young man in a van arrives at the front door with a pack of condoms hanging out of his back pocket?

Now it's easy to be a liberal rebel when your young and impressionable. But as we "season" and take on responsibilities, our values shift. Do you think those parents wish they had impressed upon their daughter the values of the conservative side of the fence? Where the ends don't justify the means, and you have a set of Commandments on which to rest your life altering decisions upon? Where living in the moment and giving into immediate gratification isn't a way of life? Birth control is taught in the form of abstention, and the thought of taking another's life, even in the womb is unthinkable?

Our values are a gift we bequeath to our children. There are absolutely times when it's great to be liberal. I'm always liberal when I grease a front end, or give to charity. I'm conservative when it comes to my values, and I view everything through a lens that reflects and clarifies those values. I teach my boys that women are to be respected, and that in the moment decisions have lasting consequences. Those consequences bring responsibilities. I teach them that a family unit is a man and a woman, joined in matrimony, and that children are the blessing of living those values. And that a dad is an on scene part of those responsibilities, not an absentee voter. This is how a parent finds comfort in those first dating moments. When a young man seeking their daughter's attention is living those values, as is their daughter. Not the irresponsibility of the liberal, progressive agenda.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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