Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All Hands On Deck!!!

We have a failed administration in Washington. The American people know it on both sides of the aisle, and it's apparent because failed administrations don't have to make excuses. Nothing is more glaring than when leadership is absent, and despite the media's best spin, we the people can see what's apparent.

"To commit to do something that you have no capacity to do is either dangerous or stupid!"

We get a laundry list of goals from all politicians, but I've yet to hear from one something as arrogant as claiming his election would cause the earth to heal and the rise of the oceans will begin to slow. How about we just pass a budget? Or maybe let's get a little crazy and pass a balanced budget? God will handle the planet, the President needs to stick to what he can control. There were claims to reduce the deficit to half of what it was when he took office, that would be a wonderful start. It might even begin to heal Washington, and better yet, our country.

"Acquiring competence enables one to be genuine!"

Now here is one we totally missed. The man had no accomplishments when we elected him! People who have actual results don't need to boast. Only a poser makes unfounded statements about their ability to perform tasks without the attributes to achieve the goals. To lead you must have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to exemplify a posture of accomplishment. People do not voluntarily follow or reelect one who is disingenuous. America is wise to the ruse going on in the White House.

You see they can try to mislead us with polls, polls that are designed to portray the results in a skewed manner, but I'm certain we as Americans are not that dim. We know polls serve no purpose but to sway the voter to the popular opinion. A million people can back something that's totally wrong, it'll never be right! It's impossible to hide incompetence in a position of leadership, and it's been over exposed. We need competence in Washington in every position. The ship is going down and it's time for some skilled leadership to take the helm. America is up to it's knees in bilge water and realizes drilling holes in the hull to let it out is the wrong approach. It's time for change !

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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