Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You Can't Hang The Truth!

I sit here this morning and pictures of a pastor in Iran in the process of being hung are circulating the Internet. Some say they are false and he's still alive, but we don't know the truth. In any case you'd have to not have a pulse to lack outrage at the thought of this event taking place. What type of society allows religious persecution in this day and age? What type of society even allows the threat of an event like this?

So I recline in my chair and reflect. What is the purpose of this cleansing? Why would one religion impose itself on the world over any other? The only answer I can arrive at is to silence all other competition, and if your goal is to silence someone, your probably afraid of the truth in their message.

This is not unlike the days long, long ago when the Bible wasn't allowed to be printed. The elite, who held and coveted power, had the only copies, and passed down their interpretation of it. Then the art of printing opened up the same resources to the minds of all the classes. The information was not only available to those who dwell in the palace, but those who lived in a cottage. Information enables, and freedom of speech is a God given right for a reason. It levels the playing field. That event changed the face of society.

We have incidences of groups in power who are, to this day, in this country, trying to shut down our freedom of speech. They use boycotts on sponsors, and threats of legislation to attempt to silence those they disagree with. How does this differ from those who threaten to hang the Christian pastor to silence his message? Truth be told, it doesn't. They are both doing it to hide the truth and protect their power. Never expect cooperation from those who control the system if your trying to upset the apple cart on them. You may disagree with the message, the message might not even be true, but it must be heard. The truth has a wonderful way of revealing itself and exposing those who's agenda was to conceal it.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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