Monday, March 26, 2012

The Difference Maker!

Frequently our attitudes follow our behavior rather than causing it. Have you ever witnessed this phenomena? Perhaps you've met the individual who perpetuates the rumor that they are a tough guy, or difficult to work with; then they go out of their way to prove it to you. This attribute can be used to acquire outstanding results, as well as being a creator of negative. Speaking a positive goal into existence then following it up with the necessary actions to make it so, is a great way to self motivate.

We also have to be careful not to fulfill the negative that constantly bombards our head. Maybe you've encountered this example....a child goes to great lengths to inform all that will listen how needy and spoiled they are, then takes great pains to live out that description. "Little Lord Faultnoroy", or "Daddy's Princess" are great titles for this personal deception, the actions that follow the coronation reinforce the premise. How great would it be if all that effort were applied to becoming someone who earned a title worth of respect?

This is a great tool when used for positive results, and I certain you can see how easily it can also be abused. We alone are what determines our outcome, and behavior and attitude are primary dictators of our results. Exude exemplary behavior and an attitude that matches, the results will follow!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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