Friday, March 16, 2012

The Smoking Gun!

There has much to do about the price of gasoline lately. Some blame the President, some point fingers at the speculators, and all are suspicious of the oil companies. I think you'll find the culprit is a less than specific entity. History offers ample evidence that what determines the average level of prices and wages is the amount of money in the economy and not the greediness of the businessmen, nor if the workers. You see we have printed ourselves into this situation, it's a sign of inflation contrary to the reports of economic prosperity spoon fed to us from Washington.

Governments ask for the self-restraint of business and labor because of their inability to manage their own affairs, which includes the control over the money supply, and the natural human tendency to pass the buck.

Truth be told, if gasoline prices were a public decision, then it would not be permitted to be made privately; and the same government that has spiraled inflation to raise those prices would in effect control the market. No sane individual living in this country wants that. If you need a historical reference of how it turns out, read up on the war on US Steel waged by the Kennedy administration. I'll save you the reading, we now have no steel industry where as it was once a vibrant industry after President Kennedy decided US Steel asked too much for it's product.

You want gasoline prices to go down and stay down, quit printing money and take some out of circulation. When you double the money supply, you cut buying power in half, raising prices. If you've been alert, you'll realize during this administration the Federal Reserve has ramped up the printing of money to buy back our own debt. There is your smoking gun.....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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