Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Common Sense!

So many issues to talk about today. The healthcare bill is being reviewed for constitutionality, a man is having trial by media for shooting another, our leader is making questionable promises to a friend/enemy over a microphone he thought was off....Where do I begin? Perhaps a tad on all!

First the shooting incident in Sanford, Florida. There is just so much wrong here it's hard to know where to begin. The first thing that bothers me is in this great nation we are guaranteed a trial by a jury of our peers, if a crime has been committed. In this case we have a trial by media without actual fact. Has there been a crime committed? All we know for sure is a young man is dead and another shot him. Is this a crime? It's certainly a shame, but without evidence it's not yet a crime. The media is trying to make a case it's a crime, and there are those who imply it was done because of race, which would make it a crime, but all that is speculation, void of fact. It's wrong to accuse anyone without all the facts, and we have been misled by many about what the actual facts are. In fact they are playing on the general public's emotions and we rarely make good decisions based upon emotion. How about the media reports the facts and keeps the sideshows out of it. If the man has committed a crime, it'll come to light. There are enough investigating agencies with "no agenda" following up on this to assure us of that.

Now to healthcare. Is it constitutional to create a market and then propose government force to make the citizens use that market? Not in this country! Even if you deem it "for our own good," that's not how it works. You see we are free, and a free people get to decide what is and isn't in their best interest. When decisions are made for your own good that's called tyranny. Perhaps you remember this from your youth? Mom or Dad imposed there will upon you, "for your own good." I never liked it, I don't believe anyone does when they are told something is "for their own good." Freedom, which is what this country is founded upon, is based on the individual's ability to make choices. This doesn't fit that model, case closed!

Now the President's gaffe. When you work in secret to achieve your agenda, your going to be exposed. Does anyone else remember President Reagan calling out the Soviet Union before the whole world? Did he hide his policies or agenda with anyone? Did we trust him? Do you trust anyone in a position of leadership who makes backroom deals? What is it President Obama doesn't want the world to know? Why were those words uttered in confidence? As a leader you should be capable of writing everything you do and say in the clouds for all to see. That's the only way you'll ever gain trust, to never do anything without first considering the implications of exposure. If you don't want it exposed, don't do it, or say it....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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