Friday, March 2, 2012

Truth Be Told.....

Recently I seem to encounter more and more people defending the policies of political candidates. Some currently hold office, some are vying for those positions. While it's important to highlight how a candidate would be an asset to this country, each and everyone of them has their down side. After all they are but humans, and humans are fallible. The problem I take exception to is when those issues are either ignored or spun into a positive light by using either half truths, or outright deception.

What is the Devil's work? It is deception, division, and destruction. He lurks, waiting to seize any opportunity to turn our anger into something more destructive and deadly. He works to alter our anger into a grudge, into poison bitterness, into a stubborn bitterness to forgive, and into thoughts of vengeance. Does this not describe the whole political arena?

Let's look at a politician's stance on abortion. Satan's position is extremely clear on this matter. It's not God's will to destroy one of His creations. So who's agenda does abortion serve? And it serves him well as it continues his mission to divide and destroy.

In the words of the apostle Paul, " Be aware of the work of the devil before you speak your first words. Don't give him any ground on which to stand. Do everything you can to thwart his work."

We can debate the price of gas, or the state of the economy free of the half truth and outright lies supplied by Satan. Lay the facts on the table and they will support the person who does the work of God. Stepping outside that process is surely the work of the Devil himself.....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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