Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush To Judgement!

A little political commentary today. I just finished reading the scuttlebutt concerning what Rush Limbaugh said about the Congressional testimony of Sandra Fluke, highlighted by the fact that some advertisers are abandoning ship from sponsoring his program. I never rush to judgement on these matters, (pun not intended), so I researched thoroughly what each individual has said in this matter, and here are my thoughts.

First and foremost how Rush got his point across could have, and should have been done better. Now I realize this has garnered him much attention, though negative, and that might have been the point, but it's detracting from the issue. It's easy to get incredibly frustrated by the antics of the left, but I'm here to tell you it's likely by design. The left has successfully moved the conversation from government intrusion into religious beliefs, toward a hate campaign aimed at a talk show host. They simply paraded a pawn in front of the national spotlight and baited conservatives to react. What Miss Fluke said was absolute nonsense and I suggest it was done intentionally.

We have abandoned the topic of government intrusion into religious belief. It's the old shell game and the nation is busy watching the wrong shell. When our outrage should be focused on a kingly mandate pronounced by his majesty President Obama, it is instead distracted by our attention to the belittling of a thirty year old college student. Perhaps that's why her testimony was denied by the committee designed to investigate the propriety of the mandate in the first place?

Is Sandra Fluke off base when it comes to her presentation in front of Congress? Personally, I don't even think she's in the right stadium. What a sad testimony of how our youth has been subjected to propaganda to the point of what they think they are entitled to. I feel strange calling a thirty year old woman a youth, but she represents the atmosphere of college life, and that aspect is a sad commentary.

Finally, this is a wake up call. The agenda of the left is to overwhelm us with deception. They dance from issue to issue without resolution, but it's all by design. Where do we start? Is it correcting the overreach of the federal government? Do we promptly address the misconception of our youth that someone else holds the responsibility for the care, feeding, and recreational activities of the citizenry? Or do we pronounce loudly that Rush Limbaugh isn't as sensitive as we'd like on the public airwaves?

If those people who are complaining don't listen to Rush anyway, how does what he says offend them?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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