Thursday, March 22, 2012

Better Dead Than Red!

While growing up way back in the 60's, my generation was reminded daily of the threat of Communism. We had physical reminders of the oppression that Communism inflicted upon it's citizens with the Berlin Wall, the very near and real threat during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the invasion of South Vietnam by the North, and the stories of our Grandparents as reminders of their service in the wars they served in. While very young we were drilled in school with Civil Defense procedures in the event of an attack. Communism was a very real threat and we were taught to respect that threat and do everything to preserve our freedom. That process always began each and every morning by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Fast forward into today's society. The White House celebrates Christmas with ornaments honoring Chairman Mao, children wear tee shirts celebrating Chez Guevara, there are avowed members of the Communist Party actively participating in the administration, and Red China holds a great deal of our debt. It also seems to offend citizens of the great nation to pledge an oath of freedom to our flag, somehow that's become politically incorrect. Is it any wonder we have slowly lost our individuality and our freedoms have eroded? We drift ever closer to the abyss of Socialism, and further from the principles that guided the founding of this incredible political experiment. We've trampled the rights of the individual to secure the will of the many.

We cheered when Ronald Reagan brought down the Berlin Wall and Germany tasted freedom throughout. It was a blow for a free society when the Soviet Union fell and collapsed under the weight of entitlements. But all those reminders of the evil Communism brings are but a faded memory, and our newest generations have forgotten. In fact they are beginning to celebrate and embrace the principles of Communism. The Greatest Generation had a saying, "better dead than red." Somehow I don't think we still understand how important that was, and still is....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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