Sunday, February 5, 2012

Which Is It?

Today I have a mishmash of things flowing through my brain, the majority of which are government inspired. One item that haunts me has to do with our tax code.

Here is a beauty. We give people a deduction for children, yet use the tax revenue to support foundations that promote birth control, abortion, and sterilization procedures. So which is it? Do we want to provide a tax incentive that increases the population, or use government tax dollars to deter birth? Is it only a certain type of citizen we wish to enjoy the right of parenting, or is justice equal under the tax code? I'm getting a mixed message, and this is the problem when you allow government to have it's hand in everything we do.

The purpose of the support toward foundations that provide birth control, sterilization procedures, and abortions is to limit the number of pregnancies by low income families. You see upper income families can afford those services on their own, without government assistance. They, (the desired ones?) are given tax incentives to have children, while lower income citizens are pointed toward government provided population control.

Call me silly, but if I were going to provide any service and avoid the appearance of granting special privilege, I'd take a pro-active education approach with responsibility and abstinence in mind, verses trying to shut the barn door after the horses got out government model. You know, like build a better nation of people by promoting personal responsibility, and self control, those sort of things. Who knows it might just spread to other areas of their lives and help them to rise out of poverty. At worse it'll aid them in becoming better parents.

Then there is the earned income credit tax issue. The same low income families that have dependents are given a tax break for exactly that reason. No money and children! Isn't that providing an incentive to create a family?

God loves children, and He certainly loves responsible parents and the family unit. Isn't that why He made it so simple to create life? The government doesn't have to provide incentives to reproduce, nor does it have to send mixed messages and provide contraception and abortion. It simply needs to do what the founding fathers appointed it to do. That is, free of the twisted interpretations that are used to abuse those privileges.

God Bless!
Capt Bill

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