Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Republic For Which It Stands.....

It's amazing how often you hear people characterize this nation as a democracy. Almost daily I hear someone use that term when describing our nation. It's funny how our population has been misled to a point where the description democracy that if used back in the founding of our country would have gotten you evil glares, is a common misrepresentation. Democracy was actually a bad word among the founders, they understood the evils of mob rule.

Probably one of the most glaring examples in history of a democratic action involved Biblical times. Jesus of Nazareth roamed the land teaching the word of God and performing miracles. Much to the chagrin of the Pharisees, who pretty much had a monopoly on the religious teaching gig. You see when you attempt to change the world, don't expect cooperation from those already in charge. As Jesus attempted to upset their apple cart, He found himself arrested for bogus charges and brought before Herod. Now old Herod, he was the governing body at the time, and after a thorough questioning of Jesus found he had done no wrong. Herod turned to the Pharisees and the ginned up crowd, (apparently the Pharisees were pretty good community organizers back then), and informed them that Jesus needed to be released as he had done no wrong. The Pharisees saw that as a threat to their power over the community and shouted down the ruler, with the help of the majority crowd, insisting Jesus be put to death. Herod, knowing that this was indeed wrong, but not having the spine to stand up to the crowd, gave into the will of the majority and Jesus was executed.

This story exemplifies why our founding fathers treated the term democracy as an evil term. The will of the people isn't always the principled path, it's simply what's popular. That's why they insisted this great nation become a Representative Republic, rather than a mob rule democracy. Please take the time to remind those who've become misled of the proper description of the method of governing we enjoy. There is a faction of this country that would enjoy mob rule and speaking it into existence is exactly why our children are taught terms like democracy in school. While the distinction to some maybe a small one, it makes the difference between the freedoms we enjoy and the tyranny of mob rule.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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