Thursday, February 16, 2012

Man's Best Friend!

As I began my morning I woke to the cover of "The Five Love Languages" staring back at me, as I rolled over away from the nightstand I was greeted by a pair of dark eyes demanding an act of service. My dog bear was ready to show me how much he appreciates my acts of service as he was wanting his morning ritual to begin. It was time for his pre-walk, pre-dawn bathroom break in the yard.

Bear then continued with his insistence that I fill his need of quality time as I placed his harness on him and we enjoyed the pleasure of each other's company while he investigated the neighborhood for any changes that might have occurred in the past 24 hours. Thankfully the neighborhood was basically in the same condition as he had left it just the day before.

As I sat at the computer Bear lays at my feet making contact and hoping for a good rub to fulfill his need for physical touch. This action will be repeated whenever I find it necessary to sit throughout the day.

Bear will also show his desire to have his love tank filled when I return home after leaving without him. This has evolved into a ritual where he receives a treat for outstanding behavior while being independently amused. His need for yet another of the love languages completed as I give him a gift of a dog biscuit.

Finally there is no greater need my dog has than to have words of affirmation praised upon him. He humbles himself as his ears rise to appreciation and his eyes glass over with the most attentive stare, as if he hangs on every accolade. He is a good boy!

Humans appreciate having their love tank filled too. Nothing accomplishes this better than learning and speaking the love language each of us responds to. "The Five Love Languages" is one of our top recommended books for a reason, and a read I cycle through often. In fact it's one of those books I never really stop reading! I simply restart it over and over, and will as it's a great reminder of how to treat our fellow man, (and woman). The lessons contained inside are priceless, and should be included on everyone's reading list.

Warning...Don't try this with a cat!

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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