Friday, February 10, 2012

The Desire Loop!

Have you ever had a desire? Ever wished upon a star for something that seemed unattainable? The evolution of a desire is an interesting process. It's birthed as a want, something you'd like to have. As that desire matures, it creates a demand. That demand is felt as a void, like something is missing in your life.When our lacking something it grows into a need. That reminds me of the old parable where a young man desires to become a knight. He seeks counsel with a wise old knight as to how to achieve his desire. The wise old knight rows him out to the center of the lake and tosses him overboard. The wise old knight then proceeds to hold him under the water till he fights his way to the surface gasping for air. The wise one asks him why he sought his advice. The young man screamed he wanted to be a knight. The wise one pushes him under again till the young man breaks free and explodes to the surface gasping for air. the question and the same process is repeated yet again. After the third dunking the wise old man tells the youth, "when you need to be a knight like you just needed air, your desire will become reality."

When you have a need in your life it creates an expectation. Successful individuals act on that expectation, and action creates results. Results give you the opportunity to evaluate, check those results against your expectation. This creates a crossroads. a less than desirable outcome either leads you toward disappointment, or a renewed plan of attack. Those who gain success ignore the disappointment and choose to move forward with renewed vigor, learning from the results. Those who don't end up punishing themselves and cycle back into the desire mode.

Do you have the where with all to see a desire through to the end victory?

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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