Monday, February 6, 2012

Tribal Wisdom!

"You can't get to a good place in a bad way."

What a powerful statement! How many people on this earth could use this wisdom? It applies to everything we do, yet I've never heard it said before. It's origin is credited to a chief justice of a Navajo tribal court. There is so much to learn from everyone we meet, and everything we can read.

Politicians should take note and make this their mantra. Business leaders can gain from this philosophy. God knows I could have benefited from this in my youth. There are so many examples of us playing small and not trying to get to our highest level of achievement through the short cuts provided by unacceptable behavior. While it might return a short term gain, what has been sacrificed for short term satisfaction?

A smoker calms his nerves yet sacrifices his health.

A alcoholic self medicates their pain and escapes reality, but ruins their peak performance.

Adultery provides short term satisfaction yet demolishes long term relationships.

The list is endless!

The selfish striving for cheap short term satisfaction never pays off in the long run. It's safe to say that's the message this tribal leader was trying to pay forward with his wisdom. There are no shortcuts for achievement. As Orrin Woodward says, "Success never goes on sale." The principles for long term gratification are etched in stone, pay the price and earn the reward.....

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

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